Aims and Objectives

Hispanic Arts Scotland has the following aims:

  • To raise the profile of Hispanic arts and its culture and to integrate the Hispanic community in Scotland and beyond
  • To facilitate the creation of new work rooted in the coexistence of different cultures in Scotland
  • To promote equality and diversity, mutual understanding, openness and respect between cultures through creative interaction
  • To promote an ethos of sustainable development within the organisation, and the community within which it exists.

Hispanic Arts Scotland has the following objectives:

  • To create a multidisciplinary artistic platform that delivers a high quality Artistic programme showcasing the best of Hispanic and Scottish work.
  • To develop strong relationships with artists and cultural organisations
  • To provide creative opportunities for people in local communities.
  • To reach out to new audiences as well as continuing to engage with existing audiences
  • To guide and nurture existing and emerging talents, encourage artistic development, cross-fertilisation and innovation
  • To encourage national and international artistic collaboration
  • To commission new and unique work across different art forms and cultures

Aims and Objectives

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