About Us

“The Edinburgh Hispanic Festival is an exciting opportunity to celebrate and experience the unique fusion of Hispanic and Scottish Culture right here on your doorstep”. Member of HAS board.

Hispanic Arts Scotland is more than an organisation; it is a creative platform. It creates an opportunity to express fundamental human needs through art and a common place to learn: a point of reference where culture can be celebrated and culture, because it is alive, can be created in a new context.

Hispanic Arts Scotland’s vision is to become the unofficial cultural ambassador of Hispanic culture in Scotland and to celebrate the richness of the community. It aspires to champion Hispanic culture in Scotland and its integration in the wider Scottish scene with a view to encouraging mutual understanding between different cultures.

“The Hispanic Festival really breaks with stereotypes of Spanish and Latin American culture. The Twist is that it is created by Spanish and Latin American people who live in Scotland. Their total respect for Scottish culture underpins the unique vision of their work”.

The Scotsman, October 2008
To contact us email: hispanic.arts.scotland@hotmail.co.uk