Posted on : 30/10/2010

Hispanic Arts Festival 2010 presents the Scottish premier of internationally renowned singer Rafael de Utrera and his latest production, Flamenco Vivo!

The inspiration for Flamenco Vivo is Rafael's love for his wife, dancer Carmen Lozano, and for the link that exists between their places of birth, Utrera and Morón de la Frontera, not only as distinctive locations in the flamenco geography but also to continue with the tradition of artistic collaborations started by Fernanda and Bernarda and Diego del Gastor.

Rafael showcases his inimitable singing style whilst accompanied by "explosive" dancer Carmen Lozano. In Flamenco Vivo, Rafael, Carmen and their company of musicians combine the essence of the most traditional flamenco with their most contemporary performance.

Flamenco Vivo is an intimate show, expect a lot of heart and sentiment through the delight of Alegrías, cuplé por Bulería, Malagueña and Tientos Tangos and the profound emotion of Soleá aplolá, Siguiriya, Toná and Martinete.

Rafael has toured the world with some of Spain's most recognisable names including highly acclaimed Paco de Lucia, Tomatito and Gerardo Núñez and with internationally celebrated flamenco dancers Cristina Hoyos, Joaquín Cortés and Farruquito.

Voice Rafael de Utrera, Dance Carmen Lozano, Musicians Juan Manual Lucas and Carlos Haro.

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