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Flamenco Masterclasses with Pastora Glaván, José Galván and Pedro Sierra

Description José Galván Dance Workshop - Sunday 20 October 11.00am -12.15pm

While Pastora develops her unique contemporary style, her father José Galván perpetuates the gypsy dance legacy. After years dedicated to teaching, José has recently returned to the stage; "in the current dance scene there are only a few working dancers left from my generation. I feel in great physical form, so I thought; this is a good time to do it." José's inspiration has always been Farruco, the quintessential flamenco dancer with whom Galván worked for many years. 

Pedro Sierra Guitar Workshop - Sunday 20 October 11.00am -12.15pm

Technically accomplished guitarist and composer Pedro Sierra with his clear, mature and meaningful touch is known for his fresh revitalising approach to the tradition and for bringing lost flamenco forms to public attention.  As one of the most renowned flamenco composers today he has toured the world with the very best Cristina Hoyos, Israel and Pastora Galván, Manuela Carrasco, Farruco, Mario Maya, etc. His latest album, El toque flamenco (2012), proves that he is a master accompanist as well as a virtuoso solo artist. Pedro Sierra is joined by his wife, great singer and accomplice, Juana Riba Salazar, 'La Tobala'. "I have accompanied many great singers but nothing can compare to working with my wife whose performance I know intimately. It is pure, raw, simple and honest" Originating from Seville's gypsy clan "the Salazar", Juana Riba Salazar, 'La Tobala's singing is ethnic; her voice is rhythmic, fresh and colourful and in perfect harmony with the virtuoso touch of Sierra. With an impressive list of records 'La Tobala' is one of the leading female voices of flamenco today. La Tobala has worked with an array of flamenco luminaries such as Farruco, Manuela Carrasco, Javier Barón, Antonio Canales, Manuel Soler, Juana Amaya, Israel Galván, Manolete and Joaquín Cortés.

Pastora Galván Dance Workshop - Sunday 20 October 12.30pm-13.45pm

Pastora Galván has a rare star quality; her presence alone lights up the stage. Her dancing combines the purest flamenco tradition with the avant-garde. She was born in one of Seville's greatest flamenco dance clans, sister of Israel Galván and daughter of dance maestros José Galván and Eugenia de los Reyes; Pastora embodies her flamenco heritage. Her talent and pedigree guarantee her a platform on the most prestigious of world stages, sharing bills with the very best (Eva Yerbabuena, Maria Pagés, and Fernando Terremoto to name but a few). As an artist she fiercely defends her individuality and when critics try to pigeon hole or compare her, her reply is "I am Pastora". Pastora's performance, both tragic and comic, has incredible strength and power. Her restless spirit and boundless energy drives Pastora to constantly look for new artistic challenges.

Category Hispanic Festival 2013
Dates 20/10/2013 - 20/10/2013
Time 11:00:00 - 13:45:00
Price £25.00
Website http://www.albaflamenca.co.uk/
Tags Gain new dance and guitar skills with flamenco maestros
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