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Theseus & The Minotaur: A Love Story

Description Three performances at the Scottish Storytelling Centre in Edinburgh on Friday and Saturday 5-6 October will be presented as part of both the Scottish Mental Health Arts & Film Festival and The Edinburgh Hispanic Arts Festival 2012. 

A political, spiritual and philosophical journey through the labyrinth, Theseus & The Minotaur: A Love Story fuses story-telling theatre, poetry, dramatic masks and playful humour with the fiery rhythms of flamenco dance and live music.  Presented as 'breaking news' by reporters lost in their personal battles, this timeless myth spins into modern media frenzy.  When well-known monster killer, Theseus, meets the half-man / half-bull Minotaur, neither is what the other expects. In their intimate kill-or-be-killed battle of wits, they reveal the very heart of human identity.  

Accompanied throughout by Peter Strandberg's original music on live acoustic guitar, acclaimed flamenco dancer Mayte Beltran is entrancing, soulful and expressive as sisters Ariadne and Phaedra and the spirit of the Minotaur at his most sensual. She dances the creative tension between man and beast, life and death.

Written by award-winning playwright Lee Gershuny and directed by Corinne Harris, this new work for 2012 is at once surreal and natural, simple and richly multi-layered. It speaks of the important challenge of expressing unconditional love in a world torn apart by fear, greed and lust.  

The Elements World Theatre has a strong reputation for its fresh and thought-provoking works often based on age-old myths and fables with cross-cultural collaboration, merging diverse art forms such as this year's flamenco.  

THE CAST   Katie Expresse - Corinne Harris Pete Loggin / Minotaur - Pete Baynes Theseus - Adam Tomkins Phaedra / Ariadne / Spirit of Minotaur - Mayte Beltran Musician - Peter Strandberg
Dates 05/10/2012 - 06/10/2012
Time 19:30:00 - 21:30:00
Price £7.00
Website http://www.the-elements.org.uk/
Tags Storytelling Theatre with Flamenco Dance and Live Music
Phone N/A
Venue Scottish Storytelling Centre
Venue Address 43-45 High Street, Edinburgh, 
Venue Postcode EH1 1SR