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Alistair Moffat: DNA - Iberia and Scotland – the Prehistoric Links


Our Hispanic Festival 2011 closing night's programme includes:

  • 18.30: Free Tapas & Drinks!!!
  • 19.00: John Kenny (Pictish Carnyx)
  • 19.05: 'DNA - Iberia and Scotland - the Prehistoric Links': Distinguished author and broadcaster Alistair Moffat tells the story ofour DNA - concentrating of the umbilical link between Iberia and Scotland: 'When Scotland lay buried under the ice, 15,000 years ago, the peoples of the Iberian Peninsula and Southern France sought refugefrom the bitter winter winds in deep, dark caves. There they created wonders, paintings of animals, hunters and a world now lost. When the ice at last melted, many of them began to move northwards, some reached another peninsula, Scotland. These pioneers were the earliest inhabitants, the ancestors of many of us...'
  • 19.55: Questions and Answers
  • 20.05: Break
  • 20.10: Valentina & Voces del Sur
  • 20.30: Tote Conte (Flame and Fury)
  • 20.40: John Kenny - Salute to the ancestors.
Category Hispanic Festival 2011
Dates 14/10/2011 - 14/10/2011
Time 18:00:00 - 20:45:00
Price £0.00
Website http://www.hispanicfestival.co.uk/homepage/
Tags Closing Night & Party!
Phone 0131 242 8100
Venue Edinburgh Central Library
Venue Address 7-9 George IV Bridge, Edinburgh
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