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The curious lives of Shakespeare and Cervantes

The curious lives of
Shakespeare and Cervantes
A witty and energetic romp through the
lives of two of history's greatest writers,
who died on the same date. We race
through the lives of both these great
historic figures, raking through their dirty
laundry, failed marriages, brawls and
successes, as they recite pieces from their
own works and bring alive incidents from
their personal stories through dance and
song, comedy and drama, with the
occasional piece of slapstick.
The theme of the play compares two great
sixteenth century writers, who have never
met, but lived contemporaneously. The
two had many similarities in their work and background. Their lives sometimes seem to be an
inverted reflection of one another. Shakespeare grew rich, while Cervantes remained poor.
Cervantes collected taxes to have the Spanish Armada attack England. Shakespeare had occasion
to celebrate its defeat. The two men even died on the same date, though not on the same day an
irony both authors would have keenly appreciated. Both reached great fame, lasting through the
Written by Asa Gim Palomera as a part of The Age Melbourne Writer's Festival, August 2005,
the play opened to a capacity crowd at the Malthouse Beckett theatre, and had a rerun at Chapel
off Chapel, which also sold out. This new version has been developed to bring out more of the
drama in the private lives of both writers and adapted for the cast in Edinburgh. With
sponsorship from the National Galleries of Scotland, it played to a rapt, capacity audience at the
National Gallery of Scotland in Edinburgh as part of the From Goya to Picasso exhibition for one
night only. The performers consist of three men and three women, as well as live musicians from
the Royal Academy of Music and Drama, led by Dr. Peter Argondizza.
The play will open at Adam House, Sponsored by Santander Shareholders, the University of
Edinburgh and Consulate General of Spain.
Venue: Adam House Theatre, 3 Chambers Street, Edinburgh EH1
Dates: 21, 22, and 23 of January 2010 Time: 7:30 Thur/Fri /Sat
Price: £10 /adults, £5 /students and Conc.
Box office 0131 220 3234 www.tickets-scotland.com
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Dates 21/01/2010 - 23/01/2010
Time 19:30:00 - 20:30:00
Price £10.00
Website www.tickets-scotland.com
Tags A witty and energetic romp through the lives of two of history's greatest writers, who died on the same date.
Phone 0131 220 3234
Venue Adam House Theatre
Venue Address 3 Chamber Streeet Theatre
Venue Postcode EH1